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The CORE360 Agent real estate web sites are powerful and affordable solutions that provide immediate buyer client traffic through the power of syndicated content and listings.

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Are you looking to dominate the market in your area? See how real estate search engine optimization services can bring buyer clients to your web site.

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Take a tour of our new real estate listings system featuring Constant Contact integration, map based search, QR codes, and more.

The Ultimate Real Estate Web Site

Simply the Best - and Last - Real Estate Web Site You Will Ever Need

  • Built-in WordPress blog system
  • Automated mobile device detection and mobile web layout
  • Built-in QR Code images and statistics
  • Available in both custom and semi-custom packages

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THREE OUT OF EVERY FOUR Homebuyers Use The Internet To Find A Home

So, why doesn't anyone visit your real estate web site?

The National Association of Realtors has predicted that this number will rise to 85% within the next five years. So, how come you can't generate more real estate leads on your own web site? The reason is simple - potential homebuyers can't even find your web site! Real estate search engine optimization is cost effective alternative to pay per click advertising that provides your web site with a greater volume of targeted traffic over a broader range of search phrases.

The Truth About Real Estate Internet Marketing

Most real estate agents make the wrong investment in their web site. They either spend a lot of money on a spiffy new real estate web design or take what seems to be the easy route and buy a real estate web site template with the same basic content and information as ten thousand real estate agents across the country.

Purchasing a real estate web site design without investing in a real estate search engine optimization and internet marketing strategy is like taking a seller client listing and not actively advertising the home.

What are the chances that a buyer will stumble upon the listing?

To succeed in real estate internet marketing you need a content rich web site and develop a concise web marketing plan that targets your region and specific customer demographic. The site not only has to reach out to potential customers, but also needs to provide you with meaningful and useful data gathering tools to turn prospects into bona fide leads and buyer clients. But where can you find the time to manage and maintain your real estate web design, work existing leads, and take care of your customers and clients?

Real Estate Search Engine Optimization Solutions

The Kosloff Group will develop a real estate web design that specifically targets your specific customer demographic using advanced copy writing techniques that will generate more customer contact and leads than traditional template web sites. Our custom real estate web design with database management system will keep your listings up-to-date, allow you to contact individual prospects, deliver drip email marketing campaigns, send newsletters, post to your real estate blog, chat live with your web visitors, and much more.

Where do these prospects come from? Long-term results are provided by developing a real estate SEO strategy that targets potential homebuyers in your market. Our real estate search engine optimization and web design strategies then help to quickly funnel your web site visitors to specific areas of interest, ultimately leading them to a "call to action" - making contact with you!

Real Estate SEO: Time, Money, Patience, and Results

Investing in a true online real estate marketing program is the most important long-term real estate marketing investment that you will ever make. Whether you are a veteran real estate agent or a rookie looking for your first sale, our priority is to provide you with the knowledge and information to develop a successful real estate internet marketing program.

We know that you have heard it all before - "Buy our real estate web site and you will be rich overnight!" We can tell you that it doesn't happen that way. But we can show that by combining your knowledge in your market and our expertise in real estate SEO, real estate web design, and online real estate marketing that this combination of services can be devastating to your competition.

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  • Easy to use, add content, and edit content
  • Immediate web exposure for your content and listings
  • Your listings also appear on local, regional, and national 360 Network web sites.
  • Syndicated real estate listings
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