Pricing Guidelines

Real Estate Web Design and SEO Pricing Guidelines

Our goal is to provide our customers with a comprehensive real estate web site and web marketing package that drives prospects and leads to their web site. It is our belief that a real estate web site without a proper search engine optimization and web marketing program is a waste of a real estate agent's time, and more importantly - money. It is this reason that all of our real estate web design projects are packaged with real estate SEO and marketing services.

Real Estate SEO Services For Existing Web Sites

The price to optimize your existing real estate web site for search engines depends upon a number of factors including the number of keywords that are optimized, the size of the existing web site, programming or HTML changes that may need to be made, and the amount and level of web site competition in your market. In general, real estate SEO services begin at $750 per month. For competitive markets with many targeted phrases this fee may be as high as $5,000 per month. We will provide complete real estate SEO services for your web site for one year.

You can use the PPC Cost Estimator in the right column of this page to estimate what it would cost for top pay per click placement. Although there are many factors in our pricing for each market, typical costs are 5% to 20% of the estimated monthly PPC cost.

A down payment is required to begin the project, and the balance is paid in monthly installments over the next 12 months. Please note that we are not accepting any new search engine optimization accounts in the Hilton Head Island (SC), Bluffton (SC), and Beaufort (SC), Orlando (FL), Wilmington (SC), or Savannah (GA) area.

Real Estate Web Design and SEO Package

The price for a custom real estate web design and SEO package will be determined by the overall size, content, and features of the web site as well as the real estate SEO items listed above. Additional costs may also be incurred for web hosting, site maintenance, and domain registration. Depending upon the size of the project, your custom web site will be completed in 20-45 days. CORE360 Agent sites are usually completed within one week after all required materials and down payment are received .

Prices for custom web sites start at $4,000 with the final price determined by the project scope and features.

A deposit is required to begin each project. You will be billed for the remaining balance over the next 12 months of the contract. Please note that the monthly billing will not begin until the first full month that your site is in operation. For example, if your site was operational on February 4th, billing would not begin until the first of March. In effect - you get one month free!

You can buy a real estate web site design from anyone - only The Kosloff Group provides complete real estate internet marketing solutions!

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