Why Real Estate SEO?

Real Estate Search Engine Optimization

How much do you spend on print media advertising each year?

Print media marketing will always be a staple of the real estate industry, but what if you could get more out of both your print media and real estate internet marketing campaigns? Real estate search engine optimization is a long term investment that can help you obtain more realtor leads and extend your print media marketing budget.

Each year, depending upon your market, you probably spend between $10,000 and $30,000 or more advertising in newspapers and magazines. And remember, print marketing is a short term investment - most readers throw their newspaper in the trash the next day. But there is a way that you can design and brand your print ads that will bring more potential buyers to your web site, and we can show you how to do that.

Dollar for dollar, real estate search engine optimization services provide the best return on investment for your marketing dollar.

Real Estate SEO: More Than Top Search Engine Rankings

It goes without saying that a properly executed search engine optimization program will bring your web site top search engine rankings, more traffic, and more increased realtor leads. But a complete online real estate marketing program can do much more for your sales.

A real estate search engine optimization program begins with one key component that benefits both your web site visitors and search engines - in-depth, quality content. By building an informative web site, there is more information for search engines to index, creating more primary and niche phrases that can be used to find your web site. Quality content also keeps your real estate web site visitors engaged, ultimately leading them to take the desired course of action - making contact with you.

The Science of Real Estate Search Engine Optimization

To those not familiar with real estate SEO, the entire concept can seem like nothing more than smoke and mirrors. Many realtors feel as if they have to take a leap of faith and hope that the services pan out. After all, most people assume that just by placing a website on the internet that they will receive limitless traffic and sales.

The Kosloff Group takes the time to study what keywords and phrases will drive targeted leads to your site on both the global level and in your own target market. The results? Top search engine rankings that drive targeted traffic to your web site!

Real Estate SEO: Long Term Strategies for Continued Success

There are some search engine strategies that can rocket your website to the top of the rankings - they can also get your domain name banned from search engines. These so-called Black Hat SEO techniques include items such as using hidden text, cloaked servers, and server redirects. Our goal is to build long term success for each of our clients by adhering to the Google's Quality Guidelines when developing an SEO campaign. Although it does take longer to establish top search engine rankings, it is a strong blueprint for long term success.

If You're Serious About Increasing Quality Leads and Driving Sales, You NEED Our Real Estate SEO Services

Developing a comprehensive real estate SEO project takes an investment of both time and money. There are no quick fixes to rocket sites to the top of search engine rankings (in fact, most quick fixes either get the site banned or penalized).

If your a realtor looking to generate more leads and sales, then our services are the perfect complement to your sales and marketing efforts. Please call us or visit our contact page to let us know how we can assist you with your real estate web design and web marketing needs.

You can buy a real estate web site design from anyone - only The Kosloff Group provides complete real estate internet marketing solutions!

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