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Every time you add new content to your site it is syndicated via RSS feeds including Feedburner, Ping O Matic, and many more.

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Syndicate your property listings on Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo Real Estate, Google Base, and more.

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CORE360 Agent Web Design

What Is the 360 Network?

360network2Over the past few years The Kosloff Group has developed the 360 Network of real estate and destination travel portals for Down South Publishers, Inc. out of Hilton Head Island, SC. Real estate and vacation rental advertisers enter their listings on centralized web sites, then based upon the location of the listing that listing will appear on the appropriate local, regional, and national web sites. In addition, real estate agents can choose to have any or all of their listings distributed to Yahoo Real Estate, Zillow, Trulia, Vast, Propsmart, Google Base, and more.

At this time there are about one dozen 360 Network sites that have gone live, but there are another 200+ domains that are under development.

Introducing CORE360 Agent Web Sites

The latest development in the 360 Network are the addition of individual agent web sites that are incorporated into the framework of the 360 Network while at the same time allowing agents to have control over the content of their web site. The CORE360 Agent sites are specifically designed so that agents can easily enter both content and listings. In fact, if you can use a document processor like Microsoft Word you can easily craft stunning articles and content for your web site.

Syndication: Keys to Success

One of the keys to a successful web site is the ability to syndicate your property listings, featured listings, and content throughout the internet. The more exposure you can gain for your listings and content the more traffic and potential leads you will bring to your web site. That's where the CORE360 Agent sites are set apart from the competition. As mentioned earlier you can choose to distribute your listings to Zillow, Trulia, and the other major real estate sites. But you can also syndicate your web site content - and additional featured listings - using RSS syndication, similar to what you find on WordPress and other blogs. What this means is that every time you post an article to your site that article is syndicated through sources like Ping O Matic, Feedburner, Yahoo, Google, and other major feed sites. Again, syndicating content can help you bring more traffic to your web site and in turn bring in more potential leads.

360 Network Features and Benefits

  • Centralized listing data input on Great Real Estate 360
  • Your listings also appear on local and regional 360 network web sites
  • Your listings and agent profile also appear on local and regional 360 network web sites
  • Each of your listings can also be automatically fed to Yahoo Real Estate, Zillow, Trulia, PropSmart, Vast, Google Base, and their partner sites
  • Additional feed sites are planned in the near future (FrontDoor, etc.).
  • Community guides from local 360 Network sites can automatically feed to your site (Optional, Free)

CORE360 Agent General Features and Benefits

  • Built in mobile device detection and customized mobile web layout.
  • Built-in QR Code images and statistics.
  • Local MLS Integration
  • Twitter Module
  • Loan Calculator
  • Easy to Manage Content
  • Contact Forms and Spam Control
  • CORE360 Web Hosting
  • Content and Blog Syndication

Available Upgrades

  • Special pricing for Diverse Solutions IDX / Contact Management System
  • Visitor Survey Tool
  • Video library
  • More upgrades available soon

Pricing and Hosting

For a single agent or a team of two agents the price of the CORE360 Agent site is $1,895 with a monthly hosting, maintenance, and support fee of $39.00. For three or more agents the price is $3,495 with a monthly hosting, maintenance, and support fee of $59.00

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Agent Site $995, Multi-Agent Site $1,995.

In order for your CORE360 Agent site to integrate with the other sites on the 360 Network the site must be hosted on our dedicated servers.

360 Agent Sites

Here are some of the current 360 Agent web sites:

Beverly Serral
Frank Jackson
Rob Reichel
Jan Tomlinson
Trish Weaver
Charter I

Sites in development:

Wm F Hilton Co
Colleen Sullivan

Real estate related sites:

Willow Tree Builders
Charlestowne Cabinetry

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