Custom Real Estate Web Design

For the past six years we have been developing custom real estate web designs for agents throughout the country and over that time our sites have evolved from hard coded html pages to modern day content management system (CMS) based solutions. Moving to a CMS based system allows us to standardize the key components and structure of our packages while at the same time applying a unique design template to each site.

It's important not to confuse CMS template design with the cookie cutter templates you see from some of the Big Box real estate web site developers. Agents that choose custom real estate web design over our CORE360 Agent package receive their own unique design that is coded as a template package so that it works with the content management system.

Benefits of Using a Content Management Based Web Design

We switched from static web sites to CMS based web sites for a number of reasons including:

  • Allows the agent to easily add and edit content and pages without having to know HTML or any other web coding specification. All content is managed through a WYSIWYG editor.
  • Adds the ability to make global changes to the design and layout of the site or sitewide content (i.e. the footer, header, or sidebar items) in seconds.
  • Allows us to utilize 3rd party applications to enhance the functionality of the web sites.
  • Allows us to easily integrate multiple layouts within a single web site. For example, the core pages of your web site could use one design template, while your blog section or another section of the site could utilize a completely different design.
  • Allows us to standardize the framework of our custom web designs which in turn brings down our production costs and costs to the consumer.

360 Agent Sites

Here are some of the current 360 Agent web sites:

Beverly Serral
Frank Jackson
Rob Reichel
Jan Tomlinson
Trish Weaver
Charter I

Sites in development:

Wm F Hilton Co
Colleen Sullivan

Real estate related sites:

Willow Tree Builders
Charlestowne Cabinetry

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