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Active Real Estate Internet Marketing Strategy

In general, active internet marketing strategies are defined as actions taken on the internet that bring web surfers to your web site. Examples of active online real estate marketing strategies include link building campaigns and search engine marketing.

Active online real estate marketing strategies provide the most traffic and, when properly executed, provide a greater return on investment than any other form of paid advertising.

Real Estate Search Engine Optimization

Have you ever wondered why some web sites are at or near the top of search engine results on Google, Yahoo, and MSN? Where a web site is listed on the results page depends upon its standing in pay per click advertising or the organic search engine results.

Both PPC and organic placement have their merits and their drawbacks. This article will provide an overview of each method, as well as provide links to more in-depth coverage of each topic.

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Pay per click advertising links are usually located on the top and right side of search engine results pages. As the name implies, you may place an advertisement for selected phrases (keywords) and you are charged each time that a web surfer clicks on your ad to go to your web site.

Many real estate agents swear by this method of advertising and do not bother with real estate search engine optimization. In some markets it can be very expensive, especially for a new agent, to enter into the PPC bidding wars. In most markets it will cost you $3.00-$5.00 per click to be in the top 3 spots for competitive real estate keywords, but it's not unheard of to see some real estate agents pay over $10.00 for each click!

While you can set daily limits as to how much you would like to spend, even at $3.00 a click the cost adds up quickly - without the guarantee of making a sale! For example, if you capture only 30 clicks a day with your PPC campaign that's 30 x $3.00 = $90.00 a day and $2,700 a month, far more than most SEO campaigns would cost.

With most search engines, when you outbid your competition your listing is usually placed near the top of the screen, ahead of both other PPC listings and the organic search engine listings. However, this does not always translate into web site traffic. Many recent studies have shown that up to 40% of search engine users don't trust PPC listings as much as they trust organic search results.

Real Estate Search Engine Optimization

Real Estate search engine optimization is the processing of engineering both on-page and off-page web site elements so that the site achieves the best possible rankings for all of its selected keywords. To those that have not researched the subject of SEO, it sounds like a lot of smoke and mirrors. But in fact, it has more to do with mathematical relationships than black magic. You see, search engine companies use highly complicated algorithms to determine how to rank a site for different search phrases.

Without getting to complicated, there are a few very important things that you need to know about real estate SEO. The first is that the only people that know how the search engine algorithms actually work are the people that designed them. Search engine optimization companies, like The Kosloff Group, study top ranking web sites and conduct their own experiments, and over time are able to interpret many of the common elements that help maximize search engine rankings.

The second important item that you should understand is that no one can guarantee top search engine rankings. The only true exceptions to this rule would be if the top rankings were the result of PPC advertising, or the search phrase that had top rankings was so obscure that there was no competition for that phrase.

So, how do you decide which company to hire for your real estate search engine optimization campaign? The best indicator of future results is past performance. Not only should you ask about past performance, but you should also verify the results yourself. A properly executed real estate search engine optimization campaign will provide long-term, quality traffic to your web site.

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