Importance of Blogs

Blogging and Content Syndication

It wasn't that long ago that reciprocal links and link building were considered the key components to a successful off-site SEO program. While links still play an important role in search engine optimization, content syndication and social networking also play a significant part of the process.

Traditionally one of the best ways to syndicate your content is by blogging, specifically by using a WordPress blog. While we use WordPress blogs on many of our sites we are now also including the same type of content syndication within the framework of our web sites. The benefit of using this method is that we don't have to build a WordPress template that matches the main site or utilize a completely different template from the main site.

The CORE360 Agent web sites have a built in syndication component. Every time you add content to your site it syndicates that content the same way a standard blog syndicates content!

The Importance of Blogging

Blogging and content syndication is an extremely important process of the web marketing process.

  • Syndicated articles will result in traffic and links to your web site.
  • Blogging keeps your web site visitors informed of the latest news and events of you, your company, your industry, and your local market.
  • Blogging is generally more informal than traditional web site content. It allows your web site visitors to get to know your personality and your knowledge.
  • On the web sites that we design for our clients blogging is another way to syndicate your web listings throughout the internet.

What Should I Blog About?

Most agents seem to draw a blank when they sit down to post a blog article. What should they blog about. The answer is actually very simple:

Blog about any topics that would be of interest to your ideal buyer or seller client.

For example, you could blog about basic items like your latest listings, reduced prices on a listing, your latest sale, or the current state of your local real estate market. All of those things are good, but they aren't neccessarily topics that make your web site visitors want to do business with you over the hundreds of other agents in your market.

You also have to think about what is important to the potential buyer, espeecially those not familiar with the area. Most of your articles should be about what it's like to live, work, and play in your area. For example, when the latest school test scores come out post a summary of the results and then include links to your property listings in some of the better school districts. Is there an annual event that brings a lot of potential buyers to your market? Blog about that.

Potential buyers that don't currently live in your area really need your help in getting to know the area, and that's where your blog can help them. Write an in depth article about one of the local residential communities, complete with photos and video. Write about what it would be like to live in that community. Write about the clubhouse, community pool, or golf course. Write about the schools in the area, the recreation facilities, restaurants, shopping, or best routes to take to avoid traffic.

Blogging about the details of the area help to brand you as the local community expert.

I Don't Have Time to Blog!

Nonsense! No matter how busy you are you can take 15-20 minutes a week to post one or two items to your blog. Ideally we suggest that you make 3 to 4 blog posts a week and include links to related items on other pages of your web site as well as links to other web sites as needed.

Blogging should not be considered an optional task. It should be an integral part of your overall marketing campaign.

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