Passive Real Estate Web Marketing

Passive Real Estate Internet Marketing Strategy

The passive real estate web site marketing strategy is the process of promoting your site through your existing marketing channels. For example, this can be achieved with your business cards, stationary, collateral materials, and other print media outlets. The primary goal is to drive these potential clients to your web site to receive additional information. Sales rarely (if ever) occur when this is the sole form of marketing your web site.

Passive marketing can be as simple as displaying your web site address on printed materials, but is more effective when it provides a teaser and highlights specific information that can only be found on your web site.

Developing a sound, passive internet marketing strategy is an essential part of your entire real estate marketing program. When properly executed, it can be extremely effective in supplementing your print media advertising by not only attracting new customers, but also stretching your print media dollars.

As part of our overall commitment to service and growing your business, you will receive information and strategies on developing effective print media campaigns as well as the correct way to integrate your print media and web marketing.

Some of the places that you can use passive real estate internet marketing strategies include:

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Direct mail (postcards, newsletters, etc.)
  • Open house brochures
  • Giveaway items (pens, coffee mugs, etc.)
  • Stationary (including envelopes)
  • Business cards
  • Automobile signage
  • "For Sale" signage
  • Embroidered shirts
  • Embroidered hats
  • Your golf bag
  • Golf balls and tees
  • Grocery store flyers
  • Bookmarks

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