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Buyer Beware: Shady Web Marketing and SEO Tactics

Real estate search engine optimization and web marketing strategies can be confusing for even the most experienced internet user and real estate agent. What is fact and what is fiction? Almost everything that you read leaves you with a knot in your stomach and the thought, "I know I'm going to get taken to the cleaners on this one." A quality real estate SEO program is a major investment, and you need to be confident in the company that you select to execute your real estate internet marketing program. In order to assist you in making a well informed decision, we have provided a few examples of popular web marketing myths.

Web Marketing Myth: Pay to Submit Your Site to Search Engines

This statement is wrong on so many levels that it's actually funny! First off, you NEVER need to submit your web site to search engines. The search engines easily find your web site by following a link to your site from other web sites. Once your web site is operational, a quality link building program will ensure that your site is found and indexed. Once your site has been found to contain relevant content the search engine robots will be back two or three times a week to grab new pages or updates. Many search engines will visit your site daily. Why would you pay for a service that the search engines themselves perform for FREE?

Have you ever received an email from a company that states they will submit your site to 10,000 major search engines? Here's the best part of busting this scam. The internet does not have 10,000 major search engines! In fact, the combination of Google, MSN, Yahoo, and AOL (powered by Google) account for 94% of all search engine traffic. The other so-called search engines touted in these advertisements are actually web directories. Many of these are considered "free-for-all" link farms that can actually diminish your search engine rankings

Web Marketing Myth: Guaranteed Top Ten Search Engine Rankings

Actually, any half-competent SEO firm can guarantee number one search engine rankings - if they get to choose the keywords! Let's say that you sell women's shoes. It would be easy to guarantee top rankings for "purple, patent leather pumps with silver sequins and embroidered flower design logo - size 9". It would be a lot tougher to guarantee a top ranking for "ladies shoes".

When you hire an SEO firm to improve your search engine rankings always review the following information:

  • What are the most popular keywords for my products and services?
  • Can I reasonably expect to compete for these keywords, or do I have a better revenue opportunity competing for multiple, secondary keywords?
  • Are risky tactics being employed that may cause my website to be penalized or banned from search engines?

When you choose to work with The Kosloff Group for your real estate search engine SEO campaign, we will provide you a list of the popular search phrases that pertain to your market. We will also work with you and use your local knowledge to uncover additional keywords that will drive traffic to your web site.

Search engines and the internet are a dynamic, volatile environment. New pages are constantly being added to the internet, and your key competitors are doing everything that they can to get more website traffic and sales than your company. To complicate matters, search engine providers constantly tweak and frequently modify their search algorithms - further search changing results. Your best course of action is always to develop a content-rich website that is not only friendly to search engines, but also engages the potential customer and causes them to take action by placing on order or requesting additional information.

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